Field theories in clinical practise – Seminare und Symposium des Institut Francais de Gestalt-Therapie 2021 in Paris

With gestalt therapy, Perls and Goodman made the revolutionary proposal
to embed the practice of psychotherapy in a field perspective. A Babylonian
discussion and controversy among Gestalt therapists is still, 70 years after, in full
swing about the meaning of ‘field’. Certainly the concept of situation, highlighted
in recent years, has made it possible to better differentiate between the field as a
lived experience (in a phenomenological stance), and the field as a life-space (in
the continuity of Lewin’s work). The oscillation between these two conceptions
generated a lot of confusion, which undoubtedly slowed down the radicalization
of a theoretical and clinical development based on concept of contact.
This program aims to advance in the theoretical and practical understanding of
the field paradigm used in psychotherapy. To this end, Institut Français de Gestaltthérapie
is launching the project of this update by inviting three eminent gestalttherapists
: Maya van Zelst, Gianni Francesetti and Jean-Marie Robine. These
three trainers have worked hard for many years to arouse particular attention to
the concepts of field and situation and thus to invite us to move the practice out
of its individualistic limits and into a relational perspective. Each of them has
followed a different path and reached specific orientations that they propose to
confront between them and with the participants, both experientially and in the
theoretical-clinical level as well.

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