„Train The Trainer“ – Ein Seminar der DDGO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gruppendynamik und Organisationsdynamik) in englischer Sprache

In 2022 a group of 14 persons had the chance to experience
a train-the-trainer workshop with Gilmore Crosby,
an American specialist in a kind of group dynamic training
quite close to Kurt Lewin and his immediate followers’
original version of the T-Group Method. A very special
aspect is that one of those followers, Ronald Lippitt, was
from the 1950s to the 1980s the teacher and mentor
of Robert P. Crosby, Gilmore’s and Chris´ father. It was a
great chance to experience group dynamics in its very
original version and in its close connection to Organization
Development, strictly based on Field Theory.
We are happy to invite Gilmore and Chris Crosby again
for a week of training. The formal conditions are the same
as for trainings within the DGGO: five days, inhouse; two
T-Groups with a maximum of 12 members, changing
between small groups, large group and lectures.
The training will be conducted in English; a competence
in English is a condition for taking part as well as an
uninterrupted presence. As there will be almost no native
English speakers, it will be a shared fate and a challenge
for the international participants.

DATE: The training will take place from
Monday, June 24th, 11:00 to Friday, June 28th, 15:00

€ 1.950 for participants sent by their employer
€ 1.400 for participants paying themselves
plus boarding: € 500 (including 4 nights)

REGEISTRATION: https://www.dggo.de/de/train-the-trainer