3 Pre-Workshops in 2024 – The International Gestalt training program Berlin will start in 2025

In spring 2024 we will start with pre-workshops to get a taste of Gestalt work. Self-experience leads to better contact with oneself and others and raises awareness of self-management processes.

In 02/2025 we will begin a 4-year training in Gestalt counselling and therapy. Based on self-awareness, we explore our life and contact processes. Dysfunctional contacts lead to a lack of energy and good solutions to challenges.

Being in flow means being in regular contact with yourself and others. Contact is a central practical and theoretical concept to which we refer alongside other concepts such as field theory. We work in dialogue and integrate creativity and bodywork into our practical and theoretical understanding.

We provide this diverse and innovative program as a framework, accompanied by experienced and competent trainers, to create an inspiring source of enrichment and supplementation for your specific work context.

The structure includes 4 levels: basic training / counselling 1 / counselling 2 / clinical level.

English Pre-Workshops:


Decision Workshop: 06.12.-08.12.2024

Led by: Director Gabriele Blankertz


Location: InKontakt Gestaltinstitut Berlin, Gleimstr. 37, 10437 Berlin